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So who, what and why is Voltio?

Who are we?

We are awesome,
just like you!
Let’s meet for coffee!

What do we do?

We develop innovation,
magnificent applications
that will rock your socks off.

Why do we do it?

Because we frickin’ love it!
(and we feed on seeing our
customers jumping with joy)

Voltio is a new, innovative and modern development house where we try and mold a new and brighter future. Founded in May 2015, Voltio can be described as an eager, very fast-learning puppy. That is, if the puppy had decades of experience in front- and back-end development, PHP, Java, Jquery, AngularJS, CSS3, HTML5, RESTful, Phalcon and much much more.
At Voltio we aim for perfection, assuring that we provide development beyond belief, every step of the way. Just like the previously mentioned puppy, we want to be a trusted business companion, delivering hearty smiles and an awesome tail-waggingly good end result.



SirWise is our greatest feat. This intelligent piece of art allows a whole new world of control into service management. Imagine an application that not only provides you with quick overviews of the current status of your business, but also contains all you need from POS all the way to finance reports, billing and everything in-between. SirWise may seem modest, but there is no limit to what he can achieve. 

There is of course a whole bunch of things that fall into a service management process, each being something we have taken into account after years of experience and listening to customer feedback. The result is this new bowler hat wearing revolution.
This is why we aptly named him SirWise, what else could he be called for making service wiser?

The SirWise website

Meet the Voltio team

Joel Mansnerus


Tel: +358 50 494 76 77

Sami Starast



Joonas Järnstedt


Software Developer



Voltio Oy (Ltd)

Hämeenkatu 27
33200 Tampere

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